• BAEBAE Rules (Version 0.5)

Things You Need to Play:

  1. 1 or more friends.4 is ideal for one deck of cards.

  2. A 52 card deck of BAEBAE Cards at minimum. (You can add decks and cards to enhance the playing experience). It will be easier to play with more decks as the player count increases.

  3. A coin to flip for some actions.

  4. Paper or pad to record penalty tallies.


The Flow Of Play:

Five cards are dealt to each player (or seven in a two-player game). The remaining cards of the deck are placed face down at the center of the table as the stockpile. The top card is then turned face up to start the game as the first card in the discard pile. This card’s actions are not to be played out (unless specified).

Players discard by matching rank or suit with the top card of the discard pile, starting with the player left of the dealer. They can also play any card marked “wild” or with an appropriate action, which allows them to declare the suit that the next player is to play; that player must then follow the named suit or play another “wild” card. If a player is unable to play, that player draws one card from the stockpile, if the drawn card can be played, then the player can use it. If not, the player passes their turn. If the player cannot play when the stockpile is exhausted, that player must shuffle the discard pile to make a new stockpile. 

As an example: If the top card on the discard pile is 6♣, the next player can:

  1. play any 6 (i.e. 6♦, 6♥ or 6♠)

  2. play any club

  3. play any “wild” marked card, then declare a new suit

  4. if they cannot play, draw from the stockpile and play or pass

If the stockpile runs out, all played cards except for the top one are reshuffled to form a new stock.

Cards played with another card’s action are discarded under the card being used (unless specified).

Winning The Game:

The round ends as soon as one player has emptied their hand. Each player then tallies up the penalty against them based on the cards’ values.


2 Card – 2 Point Penalty

3 Card – 3 Point Penalty

4 Card – 4 Point Penalty

5 Card – 5 Point Penalty

6 Card – 6 Point Penalty

7 Card – 7 Point Penalty

8 Card – 8 Point Penalty

9 Card – 9 Point Penalty

10 and Court Cards – 10 Point Penalty

At the end of 3 rounds (you can determine as many rounds as you want), the player with the lowest penalty wins. The player with the highest penalty is in last place and must bury their head in shame.

Playing BAEBAE Actions:

  • Actions are to be played literally. Some specify that they are optional. If it doesn’t say that it’s an optional action, then the action MUST be played out. 
  • Some actions cannot be used to win a round. The card can still be used to discard if the action is optional though. It will be specified if you cannot win a round using the card’s action.
  • In the case that a round ends with an action that affects another player, the action is not to be played out. As an example: A final card discarded that has an action to force the next player to draw two cards does not play out. It is the final discard of that round.
  • In a case where an action ends the round with a player having to roll for either discarding or drawing an extra card. And the next player is penalized. The action after discarding the card to win the round is not taken.

Marked Gameflow Changers:

Unless stated, these are not considered Actions as labeled on cards. Some actions will affect these marked cards though. Be mindful that not all skip or reverse cards can be played on top of each other. The number and suit on the cards are to always be played on top of, not what’s Marked on the card.

Skip: Skips the next player

Wild: These can be played on any suit. The player that discards the card picks and announces a new suit in play. If flipped to start the round, the suit determines what will be in play.

Reverse: The order of play now goes in the opposite direction it has been

Card Type:

Under the name of card characters there are several stats listed. One of them being the type of character this card is. Pay mind to this because some actions involve terms based on what type a card may be. Some characters may have more than one type as well. IE. Father Seamus O’Malley’s character type is that of an Officer and Celebrity.


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Watch the highlight reel from 2019’s Operation MacArthur. Our immersive 4 day Vietnam experience. The event was set around 173rd’s grueling assault of Hill 875 at Dak To.

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Broken Arrow’s first Podcast episode. Liam discusses the 2019 event line-up and briefly explains what each event entails. The BAE AFVN Radio station gets a shout out. We have an interview segment called Bae of BAEs where Liam interviews his “bae” Kasey. Plus you can count how many times Liam says “basically”!