Join the BAE Club

$100 for the 2023 Season
$8.33 a month if you join in November

Join the BAE Club
Want to join the most elite club in the community? Well, look no further and subscribe to the BAE Club. The 2023 season membership runs from Nov. 2022 through Nov. 2023 and offers deals and perks that will save you some cash.

SAVE AT THE BIG PX. BAE Club members are rewarded 10% off items in The Big PX. Enjoy special pricing on t-shirts, stationary and more. We have sales throughout the year for even more savings on The Big PX items. Sales stack with the BAE Club discount! So the more you buy, the more you save!

BAE CLUB MEMBERSHIP T-SHIRT. When you register for the BAE Club, you will receive a discount code for 1 (one) exclusive BAE Club t-shirt. Show your friends that you are part of the most elite club in the community. A $25 value!

AUTHENTIC DOG TAGS. Members will have personalized dog tags made by a period spec machine formatted as they would be in the 1960s.

SPECIAL RATES ON EVENT TICKETS. That’s right! BAE Club members will get a special rate on all Broken Arrow Events’ events throughout the season. You can save50% off the final ticket price for our main event in August. That’s paying for half of your membership right there!

EXCLUSIVE PERKS. You will have access to things no one else can see. A secret link to Sully’s OnlyFans maybe? No promises, but we’ll have event and product related items available only to BAE Club members. There will also be flash sales throughout the year that will cut costs down on shipping.

  • 10% off items in The Big PX that adds on to other sales
  • Special ticket prices on BAE events
  • Free BAE Club Membership t-shirt
  • Free set of dog tags
  • Exclusive content and deals
  • Giving to the Broken Arrow Events cause
    • Proceeds from membership fees go towards vehicle and equipment maintenance, insurance costs and improvements on the experiences we offer.