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Broken Arrow Events has developed an alternative to going out to those big chain stores to buy a cheap, not great looking and fragile watch. This line of watches have been designed for the vintage issue look along with a few options featuring that private purchase feel plus being affordable.

The more popular choices would be the Time Scout and Patroller. Both are designed from the government issue during the 1960s. The faces of those watches are slightly smaller than the Sentry Keeper and Minuteman. The Minuteman and Sentry Keeper are to be considered deluxe models privately purchased from an on base PX or back home. The Sensei models are something you would get on an R&R trip to Japan and used as a private purchase. 

  • All watches with black bands sport a genuine leather band
  • Faces are aluminum alloy

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Watch Style

Sentry Keeper (B1), Patroller (B2), Time Scout (B3), Minuteman (B4), Sensei Silver (B5a), Sensei Gold (B5b)