The BAELEX Watch Line

New designs by “BAELEX”!

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Broken Arrow Events has designed an alternative to going out to those big chain stores to buy a cheap, not great looking and fragile watch. These watches though inexpensive have proven themselves to last daily abuse as well as the rigors of field use.

Designed after the watch worn by a mad colonel in that movie featuring a PBR boat, comes the new BAELEX line. Instead of buying a $10,000 watch, you can get one from us for under $50. And we’ll tell you what, it’ll tell the same time and even if it doesn’t, it’ll be right twice a day.

  • All watches with black bands sport a genuine leather band
  • Faces are aluminum alloy

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Watch Style

Kurtz Edition (MB), Otter Perpertual (M1 Silver), Otter Perpertual (M1 Gold)