Sully’s M35 Deuce Maintenance Drive

Money Raised: $150

Tiers Available:
Tier 1: $5
Tier 2: $20 (Receive a Sully Sticker)
Tier 3: $30 (Receive a Deuce Themed Mug)
Tier 4: $50 (Receive a Deuce Farbentery T-Shirt)
If you wish to donate more or other amounts, you can combine tiers or donate in increments of $5 using Tier 1. For example; if you would like to donate $25, you could add 5x Tier 1’s.

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Broken Arrow Events needs your help!

As the Vietnam War reenacting season is on the horizon, the BAE Team has been working to repair and maintain facets of the M35 Deuce Fleet. Last year the trucks were a key feature that contributed towards the success of Oregon Trail. Now we need to fix them up for drives to Junction City and Farb Infantry Training.

Joe Sullivan on the BAE Team has fronted the lion’s share towards their upkeep and we’re asking for other individuals to help us meet our goal to maintain these beauties. Anything and everything helps, whether it’s $10, $50 or even $100. Your contribution will go towards the maintenance to get our deueces in tip top shape for 2022’s Season. We’ll be using the Deuces for everything from convoys and supply runs to medevac missions. We’re very close to making all of the repairs to make this happen for Junction City!

We used GoFundMe last year and decided to use our website this time around. This way we can offer a few items in return for your donations. All the proceeds go towards the M35 Fleet.

The BAE Team

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Tier 1: $5, Tier 2: $20 (Sully Sticker), Tier 3: $30 (Deuce Mug), Tier 4: $50 (Farbentery Shirt), Tier 5: $50 (Certified Green Vehicle Shirt)

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