Dak To: Operation MacArthur (Vietnam MilSim) 6/20/24

June 20 – 23, 2024 Toclom, MA
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After a successful 2023 with events like Dak Pek and The Dragon’s Back, BAE is planning to go back to the Kontum Highlands in 2024.
Operation MacArthur took place during the fall of 1967 and required the 173rd to return to the Kon Tum Region. In June 1967, during Operation Greeley, one of its companies had been annihilated by a powerful NVA onslaught. Men of the 173rd were dreading going back to the mountainous jungles but were also looking to find retribution for their comrades.
The NVA were well prepared with dug in positions all throughout the hills and mountains of the region. The dense jungle canopy covered their hidden operations from observation and eventually some of the firepower the Americans tried to inflict on them.
US Forces:
173rd Airborne Brigade
PAVN Forces:
174th PAVN Regiment
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173d Airborne, 174th PAVN Regiment