BAE Podcast 8 – Bae-In-Law of BAEs

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 8 - Bae-In-Law of BAEs

We had planned not to talk about much but ended up talking about a lot. Mike was on with Stephen and Todd. We talked about Indian Country and Ragnarokkr 2. Then we discuss the SWAG for future and past events. We added a new segment where we answer questions from listeners. Then, Annie hops on for Bae of BAEs but a special edition version called Bae-In-Laws of BAEs and interviews with Liam about her photo shoot for us.

We talk about:
-Indian Country Recap: 0:50
-A little Operation MacArthur Convo: 11:58
-Ragnarokkr 2: Wrath of Skoll: 17:05
-SWAG Polls: 27:59
-Questions from the Listeners: 37:57
-Bae-in-Law of BAEs with Annie: 57:44

Links to things we talked about:
Wrath of Skoll: Ragnarokkr 2 Event Page
Operation MacArthur Event Page
Operation Cochise Green Event Page
Indian Country Event Page

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BAE Podcast #8 – Released 9/17/19