BAE Podcast 5 – Farucci Gets a Tryout

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 5 - Farucci Gets a Tryout

On this episode we put Farucci on a probationary trial for the podcast. We recap Fallen Petal 2 and all its ridiculousness. Though we sound like we hated the event, we all say it was an overall success. Dak Seang: Outpost 22 is discussed as it’s our first Vietnam event of the summer put on by us. Indian Country gets a shout since that is going to happen before our next podcast. Surprise, surprise, Operation MacArthur is a huge subject for this episode, can you tell we’re excited for it? The boys get a little too angry about beards. Rufio crashes the party and terrorizes Farucci, his way of hazing the podcast FNG…

Links to things we talked about:
Dak Seang Event Page
Operation MacArthur Event Page
Indian Country (Anchor & Star)

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BAE Podcast #5 – Released 6/11/19