BAE Podcast 4 – Can You Hear Me Now?

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 4 - Can You Hear Me Now?

Definitely our worst episode yet! Four guys talking on the phone, a wife eating candy in the background and a dog snoring or running around making clacky sounds with his nails. We talk about the ups and downs of the 2019 Metro Expo that John and I were apart of. We discuss Operation Junction City some more, yes it was that good! Mike jumps on to talk about Operation Fallen Petal 2 and the NJOT event we just had. Dak Seang is one month away and it gets a mention. Kasey, Liam’s upgraded bae is back for Bae of BAE’s where she talks about her trip to Vietnam.

Links to things we talked about:
Fallen Petal 2 Event Page
Dak Seang Event Page

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BAE Podcast #4 – Released 5/17/19