BAE Podcast 36.5 – Big BAE’s Correctmas Bonus EP

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Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 36.5 - Big BAE's Correctmas Bonus EP

Big BAE compiles all the musical numbers made throughout the years for The Holiday Special. Farucci joins his as the discuss what went into the songs and the upcoming BAEmmy Awards show. They also give BAE staff and supporters a special thanks for all their work this year.

The Correctmas Carols:
– Phuc Yeu Lizard (With Love) performed by Farucci : 2:20
– The Jungle Rat Jam performed by Farucci and the Jungle Rats: 12:11
– Tuggin on Correctmas performed by Bustin Farber: 19:56
– Farb Correctmas performed by Big Kae: 27:55
– Come Correctmas performed by Mr. Come Correct: 31:43
– Swervy Pervy Christmas performed by Herbert: 35:28
– I Need a Lil Correctmas performed by Strasburger: 41:12
– Jingle Ball Cock performed by Herbert: 47:09
– I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas performed by Herbert: 48:28
– Farucci It’s Cold Outside performed by Richard Dribble and Farucci: 52:26

Intro Song:
Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry

Outro Song:
“A-Team Theme” composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter

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BAE Podcast #36.5 – Released 12/23/21