BAE Podcast 32 – Good ViBAEtions

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 32 - Good ViBAEtions

A lot of people on this episode talking about Oregon Trail and how it went. Fred took a turn at trying to destroy the podcast but it prevails. He even gets a new rendition of Fred’s Dumbshit Rant off. The BAE Team talks about their highs and lows. Sustains and improves is covered as well. Be prepared, this is a long one.

We talk about:
– Bottom Line: 2:07
– Sustains: 17:24
– Improves: 29:49
– Game Flow: 1:06:50
– Rule Change Discussion: 1:29:30
– Fred’s Dumbshit Rant: 1:48:12
– Highs: 1:54:47
– Lows: 2:21:20
– Funny Stories from the Event: 2:29:07
– Come Correct Factor: 2:34:30
– Bloopers: 2:39:31

Links to things we talked about:
Oregon Trail

Songs Played During the Episode:
“A-Team Theme” composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
“Stand by Me” performed by Spider Turner
“For What It’s Worth” performed by Buffalo Springfield
“Break on Through” performed by The Doors

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BAE Podcast #32 – Released 08/30/21