BAE Podcast 3 – Four Feckos

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 3 - Four Feckos

On this episode we have four dudes, one Bae and we kicked the terror, Rufio out. We also hang up on Mike Farucci. But for good reason, we have an hour long conversation about about Todd shaving for OpMac. Joking, we talk about Southern Front Event’s 80s MilSim and our plans for one up here. We recap the success of The Ostara Offensive. The Metro Pre-Season Expo get’s a shout out. Mike wrecks us with his Operation Junction City intro before we talk about our entry into Namsoft event producing and what we thought on how we did. Goals for Operation MacArthur get’s a discussion too. To finish the episode, Todd’s “bae” Arielle gets interviewed on our second installment of the Bae of BAEs.

Links to things we talked about:
Metro Expo Event Page
Operation MacArthur

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BAE Podcast #3 – Released 4/19/19