BAE Podcast 19 – The BAE Podcast Come Correct 2hr Special Podcast

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 19 - The BAE Podcast Come Correct 2hr Special Podcast

This is the big one folks. The BAE Team talks about everything they can for Operation Cochise Green. The Battle of Kham Duc has a review as well. Mr. Come Correct himself makes an appearance. And we get the first blast from Fred’s Dumbshit Rant. Liam confesses about his nightmares. If you are planning to go to Operation Cochise Green, we recommend giving this a listen.

We talk about:
-Kham Duc Review: 4:15
-Corona Precautions and Measures: 19:55
-The Come Correct 2 Hour Special Start: 22:30
-Coming Correct Compilation: 23:38
-BAE AFVN Update and Favorite Tunes: 24:30
-Improvements for This Year Vehicles and Village: 33:42
-Chain of Command: 40:54
-Reporting for Duty Checking into the Event Process: 51:47
-Fred’s Dumbshit Rant: 57:08
-Event Time Table: 1:06:15
-Event Background Scenario: 1:35:40
-The BAE Staff Rundown: 1:44:10
-Sign Off: 1:58:40
-Bloopers: 2:03:01

Links to things we talked about:
The Battle of Kham Duc
Operation Cochise Green
MSATO/BAE Waiver (Sign This!)
Sully’s Deuce GoFundMe

Intro and Outro Song:
“A-Team Theme” composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter

Music Played throughout the Episode:
“Ballad of the Green Berets” – Sgt. Barry Sadler
“Fortunate Son” – Creedance Clearwater Revival
“Pre-Hibernation” – Pantera

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BAE Podcast #19 – Released 07/28/20