BAE Podcast 16 – Can Farucci B.S. You? Pilot Episode

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 16 - Can Farucci B.S. You? Pilot Episode

The actual PodCast part is short. We cover the upcoming events leading up to the summer. And whatever plans we have in case of having to postpone them. We had some technical difficulties and lost about half of the Coming Correct segment so we will be doing it over in the next podcast episode. We launch the first episode of our new game show, Can Farucci B.S. You? The team figures it’s a fun way to pass the time as we spend it away from the airsoft fields.

We talk about:
-Steel Cog 4: 1:28
-Farb Infantry Training: 6:05
-The Battle of Kham Duc: 8:15
-Operation Cochise Green: 10:21
-Can Farucci B.S. You? Pilot Episode: 16:19
-Blooper Reel: 55:21

Links to things we talked about:
Steel Cog Gaseous 4
Farb Infantry Training
The Battle of Kham Duc
Operation Cochise Green

Intro and Outro Song:
“A-Team Theme” composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
“‘Movin’ on Up” by Ja’Net DuBois and Jeff Barry (1978)

Can Farucci B.S. You Intro:
“Happy Happy Game Show” by Kevin MacLeod (2016)

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BAE Podcast #16 – Released 05/4/20