BAE Podcast 14 – BAEPocalypse 2020

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 14 - BAEPocalypse 2020

ALCON: We update listeners with information regarding the upcoming Baltic Retaliation and COVID-19. Once the podcast starts we review Ruhr Pocket and the first few months of Discord lyfe. This month’s Coming Correct with BAE discusses Pants and Trousers. WHAT?! Ragnarokkr comes back into the fray?

We talk about:
-COVID-19 Update: :09
-The BAE PodCast: 5:45
-Ruhr Pocket Review: 6:56
-Discord Review: 33:22
-Coming Correct with BAE: Pants: 36:37
-Ragnarokkr Comes Back: 57:34
-Blooper Reel: 1:14:23

Links to things we talked about:
BAE Discord Server
USGI Buyer’s Guide
NVA Buyer’s Guide
VC Buyer’s Guide
Operation Cochise Green Event Page
The Ruhr Pocket Event Page

Intro and Outro Song:
“A-Team Theme” composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter
“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane (1967)

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BAE Podcast #14 – Released 03/19/20