BAE Podcast 10 – Farucci Strikes Back

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 10 - Farucci Strikes Back

After a short hiatus, Farucci slithers back onto the PodCast. We cover a lot of subjects as we close out the 2019 year. Ragnarokkr’s fate is discussed. We spend some time talking about Steel Cog 3 and Watch on the Rhine. The BAE boys tell the listeners what they’re thankful for too.

We talk about:
-Wrath of Skoll: Ragnarokkr 2 Recap: :56
– BAE Namsoft Questionaire: 18:27
-Steel 3 Cog: Daughters of Oppression Preview: 49:53
-Operation Watch on the Rhine Preview: 1:06:40
– Important Operation Cochise Announcement: 1:12:58
-What are the Fellas Thankful For: 1:15:46

Links to things we talked about:
Steel Cog 3: Daughters of Oppression
Operation Watch on the Rhine
Wrath of Skoll: Ragnarokkr 2 Event Page
Operation MacArthur Event Page
Operation Cochise Green Event Page

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BAE Podcast #10 – Released 11/18/19