BAEBAE Series 1 Edition 1 Card Deck



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Do you love BAE so much that you want to play with them off the field? Well now you can with BAEBAE the Card Game. This versatile set of cards sports the familiar characters in the BAE world. Everyone from Father Seamus O’Malley to the M60 toting Farucci. This first edition run’s theme is our favorite, Vietnam.

Welcome to the world of BAEBAE.

Love messing with your buddies? Broken Arrow Events is back with another weird game of grab assin’ and strategy. In the world of BAEBAE, you’ll aim to ditch your hand of cards while simultaneously embarrassing some of your friends (all in good fun, of course). From singing to showing your nipples, BAEBAE has no boundaries. Game on for series 1 and stay tuned for more BAEBAE adventures. Good luck troopers!

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BAEBAE Series 1 Edition1

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