Snake Beater Redux 09/3/2022

September 3rd – 4th, 2022 // Lash’s Paintball, NY

The most ambitious modern MilShit event BAE has planned. NO WALK-ONS. TACSOP linked here.

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With failed operations for both Mantis PMC and Rango Enforcement LLC in June, leadership of the corporations pulled their personnel out of Panzybar. The political climate was left extremely volatile with the FAP once again extending its glizzy stenched hands into the capital.  The Crystal Cats Mercenary Company was left in Glizzleton not only to protect the Global Mercenary Brokerage’s assets but now they have taken on peacekeeping responsibilities. With the U.N. evacuated from the country, it seems the world has left Panzybar to its own devices.

Enter the Stardust Commando Team; a small and elite group that splintered off from The Sons of the Silent Age (Flaccid Snake’s Army). Their goal is to make things “right” in the tiny island nation after the negative perception their group received during the Battle of Glizzleton. 

This event will continue on the storylines from the first Snake Beater and have elements that were planned to be for Snake Beater II. Players will be one faction interacting with role players and fighting against a dedicated OPFOR. This will be a story driven, role play heavy operation for over 24hrs. There won’t be constant fighting as seen in one day events, think of this as more of a marathon. Aside from the comical story, there is a serious experience with heavy milsim mechanics behind it. Assume that this event will be tougher on the players than the first Snake Beater. You will be living in the field for one night of continuous operations. This event will not stop through the night.

Please Note: Refunds will no longer be available after July 15, 2022. There will be exceptions for active military members or law enforcement officers. No walk-ons are permitted.

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