Operation Broken Skull 9: Steel Cog Extinction 4/15/2023

April 15, 2023 //Ground Zero Airsoft, CT.

Save some merc credits and buy now. FIELD PRICE WILL BE $50!

Field price will be $50.

A new series of BAE’s green vs tan style events. TACSOP linked here.

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Picking up where Steel Cog 6 left off. The Sons of the Silent Age were able to fend off efforts by Wolfhound Milshit Group on the frigid island nation of Volkland. With the deactivation of Wolfhound, Rango Enforcement LLC was hired. Even though they struggled during the Panzybarian Civil War, they were able to quell the Sons of the Silent Age’s influence. The regular players like the Fangs of Fenrir and Crystal Cats Mercenary Company are expected to be there fighting in Volkland’s volcanic region.
Could this be the possible climax of the Steel Cog storyline with the weapon finally being revealed? Still reading? This whacked out story has you hooked? Well register for the most fun not too serious MILSHIT event in existence.
Factions and Uniforms:
Rango Enforcement LLC – Tan Uniform (PLAYER FACTION Red Armbands)
A mercenary company based out of Texas, USA. Most of their employees are special operators from NATO countries.
The Sons of the Silent Age – Green Uniform (PLAYER FACTION Blue Armbands)
Also referred to as SOSA, a small remnant force of Flaccid Snake’s army. They have tried to build a nation of their own.
Crystal Cats Mercenary Company – Blue Uniform (Non Player Faction | INVITE ONLY)
A small mercenary company that locates themselves in the midst of global conflicts, hoping to take advantage of the situation and line their pockets.
The Fangs of Fenrir – Viking (Non Player Faction) | INVITE ONLY)
An enviro-revolutionary group poised at expelling foreign entities destroying their homeland. They have been fighting corporate and government military forces for decades.


Please Note: Refunds will no longer be available TWO weeks before the event date. There will be exceptions for active military members or law enforcement officers.

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Rango Enforcement LLC (Tan), The Sons of the Silent Age (Green)