Insurrection (MILSIM Lite) 08/20/2022

August 20th, 2022 // Zulu 24, NY.

A new series of BAE’s green vs tan style events. TACSOP linked here.

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The small island nation of Pothos has had its fair share of invaders. Located on the edge of the Aegean Sea, both Turkey and Greece have had their turn to rule over the mostly agrarian country.
Rebel forces have stormed the capital and laid claim to freeing the people of Pothos from foreign influence. NATO has hired a PMC task force to quell the insurrection before it becomes, incontrollable.
Task Force Serpent: A private military contractor outsourced by NATO.
Tan Uniforms
Pothos Freedom Coalition: The PFC, an insurgency force in Pothos.
Green Uniforms

Please Note: Refunds will no longer be available TWO weeks before the event date. There will be exceptions for active military members or law enforcement officers.

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Pothos Freedom Coalition (Green), Task Force Serpent (Tan)