Bù Đốp Camp (Vietnam MilSim) 6/4/22

June 4th – 5th, 2022 \\ Lash’s Paintball, NY

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The fourth chapter in our MIKE Force series. BAE is going with a new venue for this one. Expect a fog of war that we haven’t had in a while!

February 1967, the 1st Company of the Third Nung Battalion (Airborne), III Corps’ MIKE Force, arrived at Bù Đốp to reinforce the camp and conduct offensive operations to the east of camp. On 20 February, this company made contact with more than a battalion from the PAVN 12th Regiment, which was armed wth 57mm recoilless rifles, 82mm mortars and the standard small arms. The PAVN directed an extremely heavy volume of fire into the advancing troops, but the Nungs outmaneuvered the PAVN and gained fire superiority. Fighting continued until tactical aircraft attacked.

The PAVN broke off the fighting and headed for the Cambodian border. Withdrawing south to a landing zone where medical evacuation was accomplished and reinforcements were brought in, the company then moved west back into an area protected by Bù Đốp’s artillery unit to rest for the night.

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Third Nung Battalion (Airborne), III Corps' MIKE Force, PAVN 12th Regiment