BAE the Card Game: Backer Drive (Late Pledge Phase)

Something different and fun from the BAE Team!

Missed the funding period? You can still late pledge!



The project was funded! We’re leaving the game open for purchase through late pledging. This will include all of the met stretch goals we’ve achieved during the funding period.

Do you love BAE so much that you want to play with them off the field? Well now you can with BAE the Card Game. This deck features a basic poker deck (so you can still gamble and cheat over your buddies) and playable cards for other game versions of Old Maid (We’re calling it Hanoi Hannah) and Crazy 8s / Mau Mau (We’re calling it BAEBAE). This versatile set of cards sports the familiar characters in the BAE world. Everyone from Father Seamus O’Malley to the M60 toting Farucci. This first edition run’s theme is our favorite, Vietnam. If this campaign is successful, we will do other runs from our other events as well i.e., Snake Beater and Steel Cog. The idea is that you will be able to combine decks for bigger and more varied playthroughs.

Project Timeline. The project has been started and many cards have been illustrated so far. The game rules are complete. We still plan to playtest the BAEBAE game this winter. The goal is to have this project completed by summer 2023. This is a way for us to see if there is genuine interest in A. completing the project and B. completing it faster!

The Risk? Not much. If the project isn’t completed by late summer or early fall 2023, we’ll just refund everyone. There will be updates posted on the progress.

Price is high for a deck of cards? Well it’s such a small run that to manufacture each deck won’t be so cheap. If we had goals of $10,000 instead of $500 it’d be cheaper… and probably only by $5-$10. Plus, you’re getting a deck of customized cards with 2 games included. Price includes shipping.

What Do The Tiers Include? Each tier includes at least one deck of cards plus the stretch goals. Shipping is included.

  • BAEsic Bitch Tier: One deck of cards plus stretch goals, shipped.
  • Make Me Stylin’ Tier: One deck of cards and a tshirt with one of the card illustrations randomly printed on it plus stretch goals, shipped. (We will request your size later!)
  • Make Me A Star Tier: One deck of cards and a card illustrated in your likeness included in this deck series. Plus stretch goals, shipped.
  • HARD.CORE.PLAYER. Tier: One deck of cards, a tshirt with one of the card illustrations randomly printed on it and a card illustrated in your likeness included in this deck series. Plus stretch goals, shipped.
  • Double Decker Tier: TWO decks of cards plus stretch goals, shipped. This is a great option for when you have more than 4 players for BAEBAE.


Stretch Goals: The goals are low but we have a few rewards if we hit numbers.


Stretch Goal Reward
✓ We Reached $500: Dark Bucket Ace of Clubs Card
✓ We Reached $550: Muscle Man Moochie Savage and Big Booty Call Tag Team Jack of Diamonds Card
✓ We Reached $600: Smudge and Blue Queen of Hearts Card
✓We Reached $700: Ace and Rufio Ace of Spades Card
✓ We Reached Over $1,000: Custom Game Coin
We Reach Over $1,500: BAE Card Sticker Pack
We Reach Over $2,000: Queens of the 60s; 4 Queens Card Set

Please note, card designs and illustrations are not final. Expect changes and or improvements. Previews are for mock up purposes only.

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Backer Tier

BAEsic Bitch Tier, Stylin' Tier, Make Me a Star Tier, Stylin' Star Tier, HARD.CORE.PLAYER. Tier, The Double Decker Tier, Queens of the 60s Booster Pack


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